Innovation with patient's needs in mind
MAXONA was founded with the single goal of addressing the needs of those searching for safe and efficacious remedies as alternatives to NSAIDs and opioid analgesics for treatment of pain. 

​MAXONA will undertake a staged approach to developing MAX-001 as a platform for treatment of moderate to severe pain:

•Stage 1 – Acute pain
•Stage 2 – Chronic pain (reformulation)
•Stage 3 – Additional dosage forms and indications

Thoughtful approach to drug development
MAXONA is poised to leverage MAX-001 to build a pipeline of novel therapeutics focused on various pain indications by capitalizing on the existing extensive worldwide safety and efficacy information available as a result of nearly four decades of use. We have adopted a patent strategy consisting of omnibus applications with multiple claims covering Compositions of Matter and Methods of Use for MAX-001 (Patent Application Serial Nos. 62/385,675 – 62/464,218 – 62/463,355 – 62/555,861 – 15/699,856).